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welcome to Texturline Home Decor

Presenting a series of products selected from our professional line of textures, glazes and paints, that are easy to apply with results that look like you hired a pro. Simple to follow videos with easy to follow instructions and we not only sell you the products but the right tools to apply them with. You will find these products in your local paint store or on line here. We offer a vast range of colours from the popular brands on the market in Canada and the USA . Imagine redecorating a room for under $200.00 saving you over a $1000.00 of installation. Texturline gets you professional results the first time - you have our word on it.


The Purpose of this Site.

We created this platform to highlight certain products drawn from the Texturline professional materialssite and the Stucco Italiano site, which can easily be applied by the DIY user. The criteria used to define this offering was accessibility and a method of installation requiring no expensive speciality tools.

Wild Silk Moiré

is a modified version of our trowel applies pro-coating adapted for easy installation with roller and or brush. The double aspect of this paint with a metallic or pearlescent background and a colored overlay puts a high-end designer effect in the hands of the do-it-yourself consumer. It comes complete with a reasonably priced kit with brushes, roller, tray and a short DVD on how to apply. Wild Silk has an extensive color range of over a 100 different tones. It eliminates the need to protect the finish as its washable and durable in bathrooms, kitchens and cabinets. It covers in one coat over eggshell latex, color matched from any paint store. Sizes available are quarts, gallons and pails (15L).


is a final coat that enhances and adds a variation to any paint or coating without changing the aspect or sheen. This finish comes in two aspects: gold and silver with the incorporation of a flake the size of ground pepper. When one coat is applied by roller it evenly spreads the sparkle field over the surface, two coats will intensify the look to a shimmer. This versatile product is reasonably priced and can be applied without instructions and how to videos, just roll or brush on, it’s that easy. Sizes available: Quarts and Gallons.


the easiest way to paint with metals, applies like a latex paint, has no smell and most of al,l no lap-lines. Twenty four luxurious metallic shades to choose from. Can be applied inside and out, is rust inhibited for metal and covers in two coats. No special protective coat needed and it will go over exiting painted surfaces.

Enhancer Patina

this is a limited series of transparent aging patinas designed to go over our metal paint to add a distinctive oxidized finish without reactive patination. The result is a rubbed aged bronze when applied over bright bronze, verdigris green over copper, rust over silver and brown toning over any of the metals. The almost flat aspect gives a true rendering of aged metal on objects and other features.

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